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Bluewater Capital

At Bluewater Capital and Compliance, we understand the complexities of raising finance. In 2016 we created Bluewater with a mission to provide a simple solution; allowing SMEs to create and promote approved, compliant, cost effective financial instruments to meet their funding needs.

As a boutique corporate advisory house regulated by the FCA, we advise and support our clients every step of the way; from identifying the type of capital a business needs to raising and structuring funds in a compliant and efficient manner.

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Corporate Finance Services, Capital Introduction,
Security Trustee Services, Compliance Services

Bluewater have helped over 100 clients, handling over £350m of financial instruments through our holistic service. We offer a thorough corporate finance service, exploring various solutions and routes to market to best suit clients’ requirements. Our extensive investor network provides opportunities to connect with investors interested in a client’s particular business and market. Whilst navigating the complex market of alternative investment, compliance is at the heart of what we do, and we ensure all our procedures and processes meet current regulatory requirements.

How we can help

Corporate Finance Services

The team have over 47 years of combined industry experience and have the expertise to help our clients maximise their business potential. Our holistic service includes advice on which structures are most appropriate and cost effective, through to clearing and delivery to the investors.

Capital Introduction

Over the years we have developed a global range of networks and specialise in connecting with prospective investors whose interests are aligned with those of our clients. We have networks to raise capital either privately or publicly, depending on the scale and nature of the business.

Security Trustee Services

Many debt investments, especially listed bond and loan note issuances require a Security Trustee to be in place. As an FCA authorised firm, Bluewater is able to provide this service either as a stand-alone offering or as part of a capital raise.

Compliance Services

As a regulated institution Bluewater are well aware of the complexities surrounding raising finance. It is our ambition to simplify and ensure that meeting these requirements is as efficient and cost effective as possible for clients.


New Issues

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FCA Regulated


An alternative investment platform for private markets

Lygo is an alternative investment platform that has been specially designed and crafted by the Bluewater team to facilitate the start to finish process of creating and funding financial instruments in a compliant manner all in one location. A sophisticated RegTech platform, it allows issuers to manage their fund-raising project in real time.

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