Application Process

Application Process

Blue Water Capital and Compliance are a FCA regulated firm that, amongst other services, provide a Receiving Agent service to our clients. A Receiving Agent processes investor’s applications (checks the forms are correctly completed and carries out additional Anti-Money Laundering “AML” checks) and receives investor monies on behalf of our client who is raising funds, the “Issuer.”

IMPORTANT – Please be aware of the following:

  • You (the Investor) are NOT a client of Blue Water Capital
  • This investment is NOT regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • You are NOT covered by the Financial Compensation Scheme
  • These investments are only available to eligible investors (Professional, High Net Worth, Certified Sophisticated or Self-Certified Sophisticated investors).

Application Process

Your Application

As an investor, your application will be processed by Blue Water Capital as follows:


Confirm that you remain eligible to invest. Please review your investor categorisation that you completed prior to receiving information on the investment and make sure the eligibility criteria you selected remains applicable to you. If you are in any doubt then seek professional advice.
Once happy that you are eligible to proceed you should carefully read all the investor documentation. The documentation may vary, however make sure that you have received everything you require to fully understand the investment opportunity and its risks. For any investment you should always receive and read the following;

a. Information Memorandum
b. Terms and Conditions
c. Application Form


Make sure you understand what you have read and that the investment is suitable for you and investment objectives. If you are in any doubt, you should seek independent financial advice from an authorised financial person who specialises in advising on investments, including speculative illiquid securities.


Once happy to proceed, please complete the Application Form and provide the necessary identification details as requested on the Application Form. The forms can either be scanned and emailed to or you can apply online via the Issuer’s online portal if applicable. Alternatively, you can post the forms to:
Bluewater Capital and Compliance
53 Calthorpe Road
B15 1TH
United Kingdom

For non-UK applicants, please provide a certified copy of your passport and proof of address (as per the Application Form). If the documents are not in English, please provide a certified translation.


Once received Blue Water Capital will process your application. We will send you an email at each step of the process so you can track your application’s progress. The emails you will receive are as follows:

  • New Account Created – The username and password to access your application
  • New Application Received – We are performing identity and AML Checks
  • Application Approved – Please transfer funds. We will include unique payment details in the email
  • Funds Received – We have received your funds
  • Application Completed – The issuer has received your funds and the application is complete


System and Controls. Blue Water Capital carries out a number of spot-checks on applications. These are chosen at random and are part of our commitment to maintain systems and controls ensuring this type of investment opportunity is only marketed to eligible investors.

If your application is randomly selected, you will receive a short survey from us to confirm your understanding of the Investor Certification you have signed. Once this is completed, your application will continue to be processed as below.


Identity Checks. To comply with Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) regulations we are required to perform identify checks on ALL investors. These checks are to verify the identify of investors and check them against certain watchlists, sanctions lists, and PEPs (Politically Exposed People) lists. AML screening is mandatory for our industry.

Occasionally we will not be able to verify your identity. This is not unusual and does not mean there is an issue with your application, in most cases it simply means your current address has not been registered in the third party systems we use or the form of ID you submitted is not available.

No big issue, we will simply ask you to verify your identity by providing a certified copy of your current (issued in the last 3 months) identity documents and proof of address. These will need to be certified by a professional individual who is a member of a professional body. Eg Doctor, Accountant, Solicitor, Teacher, Bank official.
The documents should be certified as follows:
“I confirm this is a True Copy of the Original Document”
Name of Certifier:
Address of Certifier:


Once the application has cleared the AML checks, you will receive an email from Blue Water Capital confirming your application has been accepted and a request for funds. The email will provide details of the bank account. It is possible our email may go to your spam folder so please remember to check it.

Blue Water will send you an email at each step of the process so you can track your applications progress. The emails you will receive are as follows:

• New Account created – username and password provided
• New Application Received – awaiting AML approval
• Application Approved – Please transfer funds (bank account details provided)
• Funds received
• Application Completed


When transferring funds, please be aware there may be a time delay in receiving your confirmation email. The time it takes for this to happen may vary depending on the speed of bank and inter-bank transfer.


Investors will receive an Investor Certificate confirming their investment details. This may be sent to you by Blue Water Capital, or it may be sent by the Issuer.

Have a Question?

If you have any queries regarding the application process, you can email the support team at Blue Water Capital.