Financial Promotion Register

Blue Water Capital Ltd (“Bluewater”) provides this page to publish information on all financial promotions that they have approved under Section 21 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

It is important that investors affirm the validity of any Bluewater approved documentation that they are presented with. Should any investor have, or be shown, any promotional material that states it is approved by Bluewater and it cannot be found on the below list, they should question its provenance and not rely on it contents.

Approved Financial Promotions

IssuerName of PromotionTypeDate IssuedStatusDate Withdrawn

Unapproved/Fraudulent Financial Promotions

Should an investor be shown any promotional material identified on the below list they should not rely on its contents.

IssuerName of PromotionType

Investor Queries

Should an investor have any queries relating to a financial promotion that they have relied on, or are considering investing and wish to qualify the financial promotion approval, please contact