Investor Management Solutions

An alternative investment platform for alternative investments

Lygo is a sophisticated RegTech platform, designed from the ground up specifically to manage the complete front to back process for debt and equity issues within the alternative investment sector. The platform has the flexibility to connect into the world’s capital markets and the ability to integrate with third party CREST participants, offering dematerialised settlement solutions. Lygo can also be used to target smaller investment groups and specialises in private placements and syndicates.

The platform offers real time access and sits within a client’s website, following its brand look and feel. Lygo offers even more client specification through the ability to provide investor loyalty schemes, allowing products and services to be incorporated alongside monetary returns.

Issuers can manage fundraising projects in real time with the comfort that the platform is designed for the UK regulatory landscape. Lygo takes care of all compliance and regulatory requirements surrounding raising money via digital means. The financial crisis of 2008 closed a lot of traditional fund raising routes for SMEs, but through digital channels a new landscape has evolved introducing investors that were previously unattainable to the SME market. LYGO is a leading online platform making it simple for investors and issuers to connect in a compliant way.

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